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Wednesday, 29 October 2014 09:04
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Specialized in Programming Motherboard/Notebook BIOS


• Replacement BIOS Chips for your PC

• Reprogramming BIOS Chips for save money

• Add customizations to your PC BIOS

• ISP-SPI Flash Programming

• Soldered BIOS repair for PLCC and SOIC Chip

• BIOS ECN rework

 we are specialized in programs and sales BIOS Chips . Our goal is to provide a low cost BIOS Chip replacement and a prefect after sales support. 

Due to constant BIOS updates from the Motherboard manufacturer, and the need for the customer to flash these BIOS updates, it is inevitable that occasionally something can and will to wrong. When this is happens the Motherboard manufacturer are not able to provide you a new BIOS Chip.

compugate is your solutions!We programming BIOS Chip with BIOS downloadable from the Motherboard manufacturer website. The BIOS we programs on your new BIOS Chip are the same one downloadable by any consumer. We also has the experienced BIOS engineers available to work on BIOS project, such BIOS ECN rework, Bulk Programming, adding logo to your BIOS etc. For any questions, please e-mail us.

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