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Friday, 24 October 2014 13:51
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Screens can crack easily these days or the back lights stop working similar to a light bulb. Also, screens can be plagued with clusters of dead pixels, vertical lines on the screen, or the ribbon cable can get pinched or damaged. We can fix all LCD and LED screen issues. Is it cheaper to buy a new computer or repair yours? Our knowledgeable technicians will help you decide if your computer is worth repairing or not. With our affordable & competitive pricing it is almost always a good choice to repair the computer you already own, use, and love.

We offer screen repair on the following makes:

     • Mac screen repair                                                                • Dell Screen Repair

     • Asus Screen Repair                                                              • Toshiba Screen Repair

     • HP Screen Repair                                                                 • Acer Screen Repair

     • Compaq Screen Repair                                                         • Lenovo Screen Repair

     • Sony Screen Repair                                                              • IBM Screen Repair

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